After all these decades one thing remains the same… personal expression. The clothes you wear- the jewelry you choose- the art objects you live with in your home… all describe you. We celebrate personal expression in the artist’s we choose for their interpretation of the elements they work in; to the final piece of jewelry they produce. Many of these pieces are still wearable decades later because good design never goes out of style. Philip David is all about YOU and your personal expression.

Displaying the work of over 60 artists, we help you find the right jewelry for the right occasion with a range of affordability. Some (in 24karat gold) may look like they arose from a tomb centuries before OR in hand fabricated sterling bezels encasing actual river stones. So organic and natural we never seem to tire of the fluid lines and simple brilliant design.

Come visit often and see- try and feel our newest finds to add to your own jewelry wardrobe.